How to change profile address in microworkers

How to change profile in Microworkers

Some of my friends ask me for how to change their Microworkers account profile address. So today i am sharing better solution for problem to change microworker address. Just follow my easy steps.
1) Log in to your Microworkers account ( Microworkers Login Page )
2) Click Support
3) Now you click on the ” Submit ” button at the left side or visit (Microworkers Support )
4) Select “Account” from menu list
5) Now write your subject in the “Subject” box. you can write like “Request for change my Address”
6) In ‘Question ‘ box write full detail’s cause of changing your
7) After writing then click on ‘ Send Massage Button. your message is successfully sent.
Now wait and Soon You will get an email from Microworkers Support Team.
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