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If you run a business, there’s a good chance that your customers and fans have created Facebook Pages that may be drawing views away from your main page. This is most common when you have a physical location and a Facebook user misspells your business when checking in. Merging these pages allows you to keep all of your fans and customers in one place, and gives you more control over your message and marketing.
Highly recommend what are actually requirements for merging
1. Facebook will only merge Pages if the Pages being merged meet certain criteria.
2. You must have “Manager” access for all the Pages being merged.
3. The Pages must have similar content. For example, you cannot merge a page representing a nongovernmental organization with one representing a record label.
4. The Pages must have similar names. For example, you could merge “TipsWap” and “TipsWap Page”, but you couldn’t merge “TipsWap” and “Totally Different Page”. If the names are dissimilar, change the name of one of the Pages so that they are nearly identical.
For change page name, go to the page → click Edit → Update Page Info → Enter the new name into the
“Name” field.
Note : You can only change the name if the page has less than 200 likes.
5. The Pages must have the same address if applicable.
6. Claim the Places Pages you are trying to merge. If you are attempting to merge a Places page that was created by a customer, you will need to claim it for your company first. This will require proving that you are really a representative for that company.
7. To place a claim on a Places page, visit the page and click the menu (“…”) button at the top of the page. Select “Is this your business?” and then fill out the form. You may be asked to provide documentation proving that you run the business. Once you have claimed the page, you can merge it
with your main business’s page.
8. See which page will be kept. When you merge Pages, the page with the most likes will be kept, and the other Pages will be merged into it. The merged Pages will be permanently deleted, leaving only the page you chose with the followers, reviews, and check-ins migrated over.
9. Save any content you need off the old Pages. Any photos or posts on the merged page will be lost forever. Make sure to download any pictures you want to move over to your main page, and copy the text of any important posts.
Part two for marge facebook page :
How you can edit merging pages
1. Open the page with the most likes. You will perform the merge action from this page. Open the Admin Panel for that page.
2. Click the “Edit Page” button → Select “Edit Settings”.
3. Click the “Merge duplicate Pages” link. This is located at the bottom of the menu. If this option is not available, then Facebook does not detect any Pages that are eligible for merging. Double-check that the page you want to merge meets all the criteria.
4. Confirm the Pages that you want to merge. A list of all detected duplicate Pages will be shown. Check the box next to each page that you want to merge with your
main page. When you click the “Merge Pages” button, all of the followers, reviews, and check-ins will be added to your main page, while all of the content posted to the merged Pages will be deleted.
Merge request may take up to 14 days to be approved. You will be notified of a successful or unsuccessful merge through email.
You can also follow other tricks below……

How To Merge Facebook Page Easily

Part 1:- Steps To Merge Facebook Pages With Similar Name.
Follow these easy steps given below to merge pages on Facebook together.
Step 1. Go to the URL: Merge Facebook Page
Step 2. Then, choose the two pages you want to merge.
Step 3. Click on “Merge Pages” .
Hence, now you will end up with a single Facebook page with combined likes as well as check-ins.
Part 2:- Steps To Merge Facebook Pages With Different Name.
According to Facebook page policies, we can only merge pages on Facebook with the similar name. So if you are trying to merge pages having the different name. Then you need to do some changes. Let’s suppose We have two different name page, 1st is of “TipWap Page” Name and 2nd is for “Page TipsWap” . Now Suppose I want to merge “Page TipsWap” into “TipsWap Page”. Then we need to change “Page TipsWap” page name to “TipsWap Page” . For better understanding, if the page name too much different then change the name in 2 or 3 processes. We can adjust these name changing request according to our page name and similarity. For any assistance problem or query, feel free to write to us in the comment below. We will try to solve your problem and send you a better solution. Thanks for read us.


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