How To Earn $50-$100 Daily With Affiliate Marketing

How To Earn $50-$100 Daily
With Affiliate Marketing?

earn 50-100 dollar daily with affiliate marketing
No one doesn’t share how they made huge of money secret. Recently I found a new secret trick for make daily $50-$100 with affiliate marketing. Now sharing with you how you can sell affiliate products by free without promote and earn daily $50-$100. Also I would more posts with awesome information which can work for you to generate a lot of money fast and easily with low investment by this affiliate system. You can start maybe first $30 also better for you. But once you’ll start banking profits, they’ll be recovered within a day. The method I’m gonna share requires a bit of basic skills of monitoring traffic, English writing skills and a bit of patience too.
Also one note you should make that I don’t give any guarantee of profit. You can generate even $1000 a day or $0 per day with this. If you work smart, then you’ll profit better. So read it carefully.
What are actually need for this process
What stuff or services you will need to start this method and earn money?
1. A Blog/Website
2. Little HTML and CSS knowledge (Basic)
3. Attractive English Writing Skills
4. A Short Report/eBook
5. An Email Autoresponder
6. Targeted Traffic (For your blog/website)
Any problem thes then better solve by Google Search.

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Let start to explain how you should go. Now i explain this 6 process for your better understand. Should make you more comfortable. I think it will help you with freelancing and outsourcing.
1. A Blog/Website: If you have a blog then you must be knowing meaning of
2. What is HTML and CSS: HTML and CSS are languages to create a stylish webpage with special effects as you wish. You will need basic knowledge of it because you will have to make your
design attractive, and catchy,
highlighting the call to actions etc.
3. An Email Autoresponder: A service that sends email automatically after one subscribes to your blog and lets you set email courses for specified time. Eg: You want to send 1 email to subscriber for the first 10 days after he subscribes, this service providers let you do it.
If you still have problems, then don’t worry. I’ll show the full process in brief. So here it is.

The Method To Earn $50-$100 Through Affiliate Marketing

The 100% working method to earn money with affiliate marketing is here. It is so simple and easy with fast and guaranteed results upon your smart work.
First of all, you’ll need a blog. I think most of you already have it. If you haven’t then create a blog from Blogger . You need a little 50-500 daily
visitors to your blog. Write unique articles to generate traffic. Reaching 500 visitors daily isn’t much hard for any of you. Now create a eBook for your blog. This is the most important factor in this process. You have to create an eBook which is really totally unique. It must attract your readers. Write an eBook with great information about your niche, which audience all over world wants for FREE.
For doing this, create a very catchy cover and make the title of eBook a bit spicy.
If you can’t write an eBook then you can outsource it from others too. They are many writers available there. It may be a bit expensive. So better you write by your own.
After creating eBook, it’s time to create a landing page for your blog. A landing page is where your visitors lands, and that page attracts the visitor and makes him give his email/buy the ebook/subscribe to your blog. Different landing pages have different proposes to convert. For this process, you need that visitor to provide you his genuine email address. In return you’ll give the report/eBook to him for free.
Create a landing page on your blog’s homepage because most of the visitors land to your homepage. If you don’t know to design landing pages. Lets move on.
After that, you’ve to setup an autoresponder. When someone gives his/her email address, the autoresponder will send him a notification to confirm it and the eBook (for what he subscribed).
I strongly recommend AWeber MadMimi . It is fast and easy to use. They’ve many video tutorials too which can help you. Also the rock-solid support won’t disappoint you. Why I strongly recommend MadMimi? It’s Very easy to use Awesome interface Affordable Price and servies FREE upto 2.5k Subscribers Very cheap as compared to aweber or mailchimp.
Once you have built this all things, you’ll need traffic to your landing page. The best way for getting traffic is Guest Posting. Do guest posts on blogs on your niche and in author bio, leave link to your landing page.
Once you got the email address, now you need to convert it to a buyer.
Send them a 7 day course which will teach you something unique in your niche. For example, if you are blogging about ‘Make Money In 7 Days’, send a 7 day course named “Make $500-$1000 Money in 7 days Guarantee” If your blog is about blogging tips, then send them “How To Make Your Blog More Profitable
in 7-days” The more attractive your headline is, the more attention you will get. In this 7-day course, you need to win the heart of him/her. You need to build relation of trust with them. So be careful while writing it, it is very very important.
Once you are done writing it, now it’s time to earn your money. You gave them lots of information for free, now you need to earn money from them. You will help them make the process fast, and help them, and earn money. Like when you sent a course titled “Make $500-$1000 Money in 7 days Guarantee” promote some products related to Make Money Ebook and earn money. When they will trust you, they’ll surely buy it. For finding products related to your niche, you need to sign up at Clickbank or Amazon associates. This two are best affiliate networks. I use clickbank most. Amazon associates is also good. You will get a unique link named affiliate for the product from the affiliate networks. Include it in the email, when the person will buy it via that linked, you’ll earn commission for it. The best thing is that, you can even get more than the creator of product gets for a sale. This is affiliate marketing. The secret to generate more profit is getting more traffic and more emails. You can get lots of traffic via guest posting. This is the method which can generate you $50-$100 on a daily basis. Here’s a great post to check out increase affiliate sales and make more money. Everyday come more sells and you get more commission.
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