How to change microworker profile address

How to change profile address in Microworkers

Some of my friends ask me for how to change microworker profile address in their Microworkers account. So today i am sharing better solution for problem to change microworker profile address. Just follow my easy steps.
1) Log in to your Microworkers account ( Microworkers Login Page )
2) Click Support
3) Now you click on the ” Submit ” button at the left side or visit (Microworkers Support )
4) Select “Account” from menu list
5) Now write your subject in the “Subject” box. you can write like “Request for change my Address”
6) In ‘Question ‘ box write full detail’s cause of changing your
7) After writing then click on ‘ Send Massage Button. your message is successfully sent.
Now wait and Soon You will get an email from Microworkers Support Team and they change your microworker profile address.
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