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root android mobile
Android Mobile Phones are very popular among the young generation. It has great features with a lot of apps in the Google Play Store. Besides, it has some extra features, which can’t be used by the general users. These features are officially locked by the manufacturers. If anyone wants to use these features, he/she will have to ROOT the phone. In this post, I will discuss the easiest way to root a Android phone and its advantages and disadvantages.


Root is the supreme power of any mobile phone user which enables some features for him/her. If you buy an Android phone, you can use some features of it. The other advanced features like editing the apps, special settings etc can’t be done without rooting. So, if you want to use these extra features and want to get administrative power, you must root your phone.
Let me explain a bit more! In Windows operating system, you can’t change or delete system files unless you are logged in as Administrator. Thus, you can’t change some settings of your Android phone without rooting it.
As you know by this time, it gives some special power to the mobile phone user. Here are some of those:
1. To clean up useless files and default apps to make your device fast.
2. To speed up the CPU Power.
3. To increase battery backup life.
4. To use custom UI.
5. To use custom ROM.
6. To use some special apps.
7. To change some special settings.

1. Violation of Warranty.
2. Your phone may be bricked or dead.
So, you should think twice before rooting your phone. Let’s discuss the easiest method to root an Android Phone.
Note: This method may not work on some phones. You may use any other methods by searching Google.
1. At first, Download KingRoot Apk
2. Then, install it on your phone. Then run the app. You will see this:

How To Root Android Mobile Phone Easily

4. Tap on Try it button. The app is verifying whether your phone is rooted or not.
5. After a few seconds, it will show the result. If your phone is not rooted, you will see “Your phone is not Rooted”. Tap on START ROOT button.
6. You will see Processing after a few seconds. The root process is going on.
7. When the process is complete, you will see the following screen. “Your Mobile is Successfully Rooted”.
That’s all. Your phone is now rooted.
NOTE: If you failed to root your phone in the the above-mentioned way, try similar apps like KingoRoot, iRoot, vRoot etc. Also, try their computer versions and try to root the phone by connecting it to the computer with the help of a data cable.
Always keep your faith that you can root the phone and try more and more after each unsuccessful time.
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