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TipsWap is a free blog that focuses on actionable Blogging, WordPress, SEO strategies, Make money online, Link building, Case studies, Products Review, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital marketing tips and many more.

Our main goal is to share these proven and actionable Blogging tips, tutorial, news, updates, strategies before all of you and keep you updated all the time.

We try to make it easier for you to understand and learn.

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We usually test 95% of the articles ourselves and then share them with you.

We also have separate articles for newbie bloggers and experts. So that all bloggers benefit.

Before all of them with you, We try to teach you all about that, which you need to know.

Keep the audience in mind, We present the topics very simply and capably.

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With us, you too can succeed.

Because, using them, we have been successful in sharing them.

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Your success rate depends on: 80% Hard Work, 10% Patience, 7% Time, 2% Fortune and 1% others.
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If you follow our blog regularly and act accordingly, you will surely succeed. Many are succeeding with us.

Tipswap is a free blog. So you can learn everything for free.

We usually test 95% of the articles ourselves and then share them with you.

So you must be successful in your blogging life.

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TipsWap Slogan is “ Get Updates Be Update “.

TipsWap Founded Time

TipsWap was founded on 12 March, 2017

TipsWap Founder

Srijon Kumar Sabuj – CEO and Founder of TipsWap.Com

Our Story

I am ” Srijon Kumar Sabuj “.
I came to the Internet in the 2006.

In the first case, I started the journey of my website with Wapka. Slowly I continue to blogging and feels WordPress very urgent.

At that time, in 2007 I bought a domain and created a WordPress site and learn about Blogging.

In the first case, I learn WordPress design, WordPress development, SEO, marketing and so on.

Then, I work as a freelancer in public marketplaces (eg, Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, oDesk etc.).

At 2017, I thought of how to teach Blogging, SEO, Marketing, WordPress development, Adsense Monetization, Affiliate Marketing etc.

Our target is to keep you always up to date on blogging. I created TipsWap for that purpose. From now on I have been teaching blogging in many different easy ways.

Here you can learn whatever

How to start blogging
How to learn SEO
On Page SEO
Link Building Strategies
How to start Affiliate Marketing
How to Content Marketing
How to Email Marketing
How to start Social Media Marketing
Product Review

About Srijon Kumar Sabuj

Srijon Kumar Sabuj is the CEO and Founder of TipsWap.Com

He is a Professional Blogger, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), International SEO Expert, Adsense Publisher, Content Marketers, WordPress Front-End and Back-End Developers and also Digital Marketers.

He loves to write about Blogging, SEO, WordPress Development, Make Money Online and also loves to share his Case Studies of Blogging.

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